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Sep 15, 2003
On the Dishnetworks website they are offering the 510DVR for $99. Down at the bottom in the fine print it says that "If DISHPlayer DVR 510 is replacing existing receiver, the receiver being replaced should be returned to DISH Network or will be subject to a $50 fee."

I purchased my 2700 that I would like to take off my account for now. They want me to send it back and not pay me for it? What if I would want to use it in the future. This is not a trade in advertisement.
I do not believe that this trade in deal is a smart one eaither.

What if you want a 510 but want to also use your existing receiver as well?

Once again the cart is in front of the Ox, and I am sure like all other times they will fix it after people complaign about it. To bad they don't seem to try to get their promotions right the first time.
"If DISHPlayer DVR 510 is replacing existing receiver, the receiver being replaced should be returned to DISH Network or will be subject to a $50 fee."

Scott, it seems like if you aren't replacing the 510 with an existing receiver then you keep your old ones as well. Why don't you just get the 510 and add it on, then a couple months down the road take the old receiver off the account.

You shouldn't have to return a receiver if you are just adding another for $5/mo. But if you are replacing a receiver, and not incurring another $5/mo, then they want you to send-in the one being replaced (or pay $50 extra).
I just ordered my 510. I didn't catch the "return the other receiver" part till after I hung up. Doesn't really matter to me, as I am maxed out (my choice) at 4 receivers and my oldest is a 1000 anyway. I just hope they pay for postage or they're going to have a fight on their hands.
If they did not tell you about this on the phone then I would call and tell them that you was not told of this and that you should not have to return the receiver. This is the first I have heard of this. Now it does not sound like such a good deal after all. In all actuality its $149 (plus the shipping and handeling of the receiver you are sending in), not $99, so some would consider this false advertisement, particularly if you was not told on the phone of this.

What if the only receiver someone had was a 501, 508, 721, an HD receiver, or any other expensive receiver? Maybe Dish does not want the customer to make out on this offer by selling their used receiver on ebay and getting a lot if not most their money to make up for the 510 receiver. Also they might not want people selling them to others so that they would be hacked.
They should have made it a $150 offer, with a $50 discount if you turn in an old receiver. (Then everyone here would be talking about digging out an old receiver from the basement or ebay and turning that it for the $50).
They want to make the offer sound better by telling you that it is $99 instead of $149 before the discount, just like in FFA when they tell you that the system is free and you still have to pay the $199 upfront for the 2 receiver system (or $149 for the 1 receiver system) then get your $10 monthly credits for 15 or 20 months.
from the language in the offer, the $50 dollar fee applies if you want to replace a receiver, since if you keep it, you would pay the extra receiver fee. Plus why would the say standard professional installation if you just swapped receivers.
I just ordered the 510 (committed for 2yrs-have been on Dish for over 3) and they will ask you if you are replacing or adding on the receiver. I told them I was replacing it (for the 7200) and I asked if I needed to send them the receiver. I was told the installer is going to take the old receiver after they install the 510 (coming to setup this Wed afternoon-very surprised on an date this early).

I also found the same info on Dish's website: which does tell you if you are using the 510 as a replacement for a existing receiver, that receiver will need to be returned to Dish or face a $50 fee. It also says if you are using the 510 as a additional receiver, the additional connection fee is applied.

Just for FYI, my 7200 I am exchanging was a free receiver I got when I subscribed to Dish, so swapping out for the 510 really does not bother me that much, but I do understand how the $50 fee thing can upset some customers.
If you read my posts I am not one to pile on and crucify Dish, as overall I have been happy and feel I have been treated well by them.(except the DVR fees) But this is stupid stupid.... The cost should be listed as $149.99 and you get a $50.00 rebate if you turn in a receiver. This just causes hard feelings when it should be viewed as a good deal. Better yet, forget the whole returning thing. I think I understand what is going on - the assumption is if you have a receiver it is probably already subsidized but this is too convoluted. Come on Dish ............
I guess the real question is, has anyone been charged the $50 fee yet? It may be on the website but if they don't choose to enforce it it becomes a non-issue. So, has anyone had to ante up?
According to Dish, the reason they say standard installation included with the 510 upgrade is due to having the installer come out and setup the new receiver in your home or take out your old receiver and setup your new receiver and offer a brief demo on how the receiver works.

In my case, I have installed both of my receivers and my 500 dish, done troubleshooting, and even installed dishes at ten friends homes. I think that it would not be difficult for me or anyone if they already have a receiver connected, but if they want to do it, that is fine because I am going to be there and watch everything they do very carefully.
I really want the DVR 510. I am a current subscriber and really have no need to this additional 301 receiver once I get the 510.

So, In summary here is how I see it. The MSP is $299. You get it for $150, assuming you get hit with the $50 fee if you don't send the receiver back (not acconting for shipping charges) I own my reciever so I am debating sending it to Dish

So, is this still a reasonable upgrade??
I will have to install it myself, so that seems do-able. I think its a good deal, just presented poorly. It this an accurate representation of this deal?

I think it should be billed as a TRADE IN OFFER rather than an upgrade. I also think you should have to return only the SMART CARD instead of the receiver. Returning the smart card deactivates the receiver and costs far less for shipping than returning a receiver. If the receiver minus the SMART CARD is sold the only source for a new card to be mated to that receiver should be directlyfrom DISH.
I got the 510 as a replacement for a 4000. I wased asked if it was a replacement or additional. Told the CSR it was a replacement, but I may have a use for the 4000 in the future. No problem, and was only billed the $99. No more mentions about returning a receiver.
I'ved ordered the 510 upgrade also. I thought about keeping the 4900, but I won't need a 3rd receiver for a long time.

Besides, with the SuperDish comes out, I'd need a DP adapter for it. I'll just send them the 4900. Its been a good one.
Perhaps they did not require the receiver trade in at first then added it later, but not sure on that. I agree with you Tampa8 on what you said.

If you have a dishplayer (7100 or 7200) you should sell it and pay the $50 penalty since you should be able to get $200-$300 out of the dishplayer on here or on ebay.
Guys, you're not understanding the terms and conditions. The offer is not $150 for the DVR 510. It's $99. If the 510 is replacing an existing receiver, the $50 will be charged if the old receiver is not returned. Which is fair, since they don't want people turning around and selling the old receiver. You can also just add the 510 to your account and just pay the additional receiver fee. It's not that confusing to understand.
But why should I not have the option to sell the receiver. I paid for it in the first place!

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