How do I hook up another receiver?


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Mar 9, 2004
Ok right now I have a 721 and 501 hooked up to a Dish 1000. The Dish 1000 has two outputs one goes to the 501 and one to a seperator which goes out to the two inputs of the 721. If I want to add another reciever how do I do that? Can I get another seperator and hook it up to the line that goes to the 501 and hook one into the other reciever and one into the 501? I'd like to hook up a 211 also and to my understanding there isn't a quad lnb for these things. How would I go about doing this?
There is no easy or cheap way to do this. You will NOT be able to use a seperator to feed to seperate receivers. The way to do this is to change the dp+ lnbf on your 1000 dish to two dpdual lnbfs. You will then need to run all 3 lnbfs seperately into a dp switch either 34 or 44. If you use a 34 switch you will have to run another line to the 721 as the seperator will not work. You can however use a dp 44 switch. This will allow you to use the existing setup just running a new line from the switch to the new 211 location. Or throw up another dish 500 to feed your 501 :D
You could also swap the 501 for a 625 that will work with a separator and use tuner 2 for your additional receiver. Check with DISH for the Dishin it Up cost I will guess at $69 but they will tell you.
Well the reason I don't want to do that is I want to hook up my HDTV reciever and don't want to do that with a non HD reciever as I have no reason for another reciever other than to get HD. I've ordered my projector setup and have a reciever on the way so am anxious for HD even though it's nothing new to me just to me having it in my house. I have a Dish 500 with quad lnb already that I kept when they installed the Dish 1000. They wanted to take it but I told them I paid for it and wanted to keep it. I also have a dish with 1 lnb for a 61.5 satellite or whatever I want to use it for so worst comes to worst I could hook up the 501 to one of those dish's. The only reason I don't want to is I don't want more than one dish outside although I'd deal with it if I had to. I will figure something out I was just wondering what I'd have to do to hook it up if I decide to do that rather than replace a current receiver.
nevermind.. forgot dpptwin cant be used with 34

I agree with papalittle use dpp44

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So could I get away with just a DPP44? I don't want to have the change the lnb. Can I do what that picture shows and run one line to my 501 one to my 721 then use the seperator and one to my 211?
put a quad in the dish 1000 (replacing the dpp twin) run 1 coax to the 501, 2 coax to the 721 (ditch the seperator) and put a dp 21 switch between the 4th quad output and the dp single (129) and run that coax to the 211. dp21 is 19-29 dollars ebay or however you can come up with one. do not try to use a sw21 switch.
As in quad would it just be the quad lnb like on a Dish 500 as I have one of those left over from my dish 500. Will the seperator still work? I don't like the idea of running two cables to the reciever. So I connect a DP 21 coming out of the 4th output and connect the 4th output and the lnb for 129's output? Will I get all three satellites on all my tv's?
Yes, the seperator will work with a DPP44, but it will not work with a DP34. DPP44 is Dish Pro PLUS technology, which supports seperators. The DP34 is Dish Pro technology which does not support seperators. Also, a DP21 switch will not support a seperator, but that doesn't matter if you're just hooking up the 211. And NO, if you use a DP21 to splice in 129 you will ONLY get all three birds on the 211. But I don't know why you would want a DP21 if you're getting a DP44. No point really. If you have all three satellites feeding into the DP44, you'll have all three satellites on ALL TVs.
Ok I bought a DPP44 today. Thanks guys. Now I just have to re run the cable I had going to this room that I took down when I could use that splitter on the 721 instead of two cables. That and figure out how to get power to this DPP44.

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