Uplink Activity - 11/1/2006


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Jun 8, 2005
The SatelliteGuys.US Uplink Activity Report - 11/01/2006 - 17 changes

Uplink Comparison Range: 11/01/2006 10:12A - 11/01/2006 12:47P

282 - BRAVO - 119.0W TP 02 changed to Not Available
283 - TDIS - 119.0W TP 06 changed to Not Available
284 - FLVNG - 110.0W TP 05 changed to Not Available
285 - HTV - 110.0W TP 15 changed to Not Available
287 - RAVE - 110.0W TP 07 changed to Not Available
494 - TCLIP renamed to CLIPS (A)
496 - TXTSY renamed to XTSY (A)
599 - SICNO - 148.0W TP 29 changed to Available
599 - SICNO - 61.5W TP 31 changed to Available
7499 - KBBL renamed to KPBI (A)
8477 - KNIC added to 110.0W TP 23 (Not Available)
9322 - KESQ - 110.0W TP 31 changed to Available
9323 - KPSP - 110.0W TP 31 changed to Available
9324 - KMIR - 110.0W TP 31 changed to Available
9325 - KDFX - 110.0W TP 31 changed to Available
9327 - KUNA - 110.0W TP 31 changed to Available
9328 - PBS - 119.0W TP 08 changed to Available

Channels in the system: 3174
(A) = Available
(NA) = Not Available

It's still early..... ;)

Looks like Palms Springs' locals are available now.
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there are a few distant info screens availble to select customers.. also looks like food-hd will be the next HD freebie
Thanks for the update as always digiblur.

Looks like it's going to be another week of take off the old free previews, add the new free previews and turn on a couple of locals.
They were supposed to launch Disney Interactive Today as well as add a few games to the other programs. No mention of The Weather Channel Interactive, but I did notice Channel 100 is heavily promoting Interactive Weather from Accuweather today.

Wed. 11/1: 	Disney (tentative)	Menu/Streamer A102 S101 [1st]
				Jewel Jumble A100 [1st]
				Clone Attack A105 [1st]
				Hallway Hockey A100 [1st]
				Smash Out A104 [1st]
				Dragon Tile A100 [1st]
				Four Star Fooz A100 [1st]
				Shego Showdown A100 [1st]
				Shade Masquerade A100 [1st]
				Tipton Token Faceoff A105 [1st]

	Playin'TV		Menu/Streamer A403 S114 (tentative)
				Hearts A100 [1st]

	DishGAMES		Card & Puzzle 06 A100 [1st]; 
                                                                Bubble Jam (A103)
                                                                PileUp (A102)
                                                                TextTwist (A104) 
                                                                and Chainz (A106]
				December A100 [1st]

		PlayJam		Pulp Friction A102 [No SMS]
				Spy Hamster A101 [No SMS]
hopefully the next step is 287 rave removed.

enoguh of the hdnet torture already

They won't know anything about this channel until about 6am tomorrow (Thursday). That is when the channel is officially launched.

The channel is available to subscribers now, but no one can subscribe until tomorrow because the CSRs computers have no info about it until them. :)

See ya
I was really hoping we werer going to see more HD channels soon, Im starting to get bored with the ones we have :)

How do I hook up another receiver?

311's and DPP separators

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