How do you revert a 721 from dishpro to legacy system?


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Just do a check switch. When you change the LNB and switches form Dish Pro to Legacy doing a check switch will put the reciever back in Legacy mode.
You can't do a check switch if your 721 had Dishpro LNBs hooked up before, this is because of the power diffrences between DishPro and Legacy equipment.

If he hooked up his 721 which is in Dishpro mode to his legacy equipment, he could fry the legacy LNB's and or switches.
My edit on the post didn't take. You should unhookeverything then do a check switch without anything hook up. This will drop the voltage to 13/18 as in legacy equipment.

Sorry for that I left the computer before making sure my edit took.
Correct. Unhook coax, run check switch, reconnect coax with new lnb, run check switch.
Can you do the 501 the same way because I may have to change it back to legacy for awhile till I get the SD installed?
Yes you can do this with any Dish Pro receiver. Just remember to the check switch with nothing hooked up then hook the new equipment up and do a check switch again. This is only if going from Pro the legacy.

If going from legacy to Pro then just switch the LNB and switches and do the check switch. In this case the voltage isn't an issue.
The voltage is not significant: DP equipment used steady 19 V DC, when legacy - switched 13/18 V DC. Nothing to worried; current for legacy is almost two times less 450 mA against 700 mA for DP.
It's just matter of software how to handle switching from/to DP/legacy.
I remember having an issue with a 301 not being able to get the switch test to run right or work with the dish seeing that it was connected to a different dish setup previously so I tried unconnecting the coax, doing the check switch in which clears out the previous setup with switches that you had then redoing the check switch with your current setup and it fixed the problem.

It should be the same fix for the 721 to solve the problem.
The 721 will NOT run a switch test at all unless its hooked up to a dish and has signal strength. The NVRAM reset appears the only way once its been hooked to a dishpro LNB sysatem.
I wonder if they will have that issue fixed in the next software release and if the beta version is having this issue.
Bob Haller said:
The 721 will NOT run a switch test at all unless its hooked up to a dish and has signal strength. The NVRAM reset appears the only way once its been hooked to a dishpro LNB sysatem.


What about Restore Factory Settings ? Is it works ? Did you try it ?
Then the only way I know to fix this problem will be to do a check switch without the dish connected after Dish downloads new software that will allow that. I wonder if Dish aware of this problem?
I had to do this very thing a couple weeks ago due to DP problems on my 508 which was hooked up to the same quad as my 721. You can't run a switch test when you disco the DP quad. What will happen is that when you try to click opt 2 for signal screen the unit will kick you out of the menu totally. Very frustrating. If I remember right, when I finally got adv tech on the line he had me power off the unit, wait 10 seconds and unplug the unit (no coax should be connected to the unit ) wait a couple minutes and plug back in the will go into a reboot mode and then you can reconnect the coax and run your switch test. Matter of fact, when it got through rebooting and I connected coax ch 101 came on. Hope this helps and I also hope I remember the right procedure.

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