So, what's in the development hopper for later?


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Oct 1, 2003
For those trying to decide whether to bite or not on this new generation of receivers, whats on tap for the next generation? I guess we can make some presumptions:

- All next gen receivers will incorporate HD
- All next gen receivers will incorporate OTA HD for locals
- DVR functionality will become more popular
- Dual tuning? Is this going to become an expected feature? Its expensive to build.

The 5xx series is going to begin to phase out as HD becomes more mainstream but will surely hold the line for quite awhile as the receiver to have for SD.

The 8xx series will probably be the non-DVR HD receiver line. Will dual tuners come in? 822?

The 9xx series? Will the 921 form factor become standard? If they are really series about sticking an HD DVD writer in some day, they are going to have to keep that for a long time. Its going to be quite awhile before that add in comes on. It won't be the first time an add-on was roughed in but never used! Maybe a smaller 9xx box will come along with the same capabilities, bigger HD, cheaper to build? There's not much in the way of major new features to add other than connectivity/distribution?

As far as the software line, it appears the OpenTV block of code is common across all receivers and there there are DVR and non-DVR lines of development.

I think they are tired after all these new receivers and will back off on product development for awhile. Some jobs may be at risk I imagine.


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