How does Autohop Work?

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  1. I’m just getting started with Prime Time Anytime on our new Hopper 3 and would appreciate some help understanding how Autohop works. What I’ve gleaned so far from various threads….

    The Autohop feature is manually added to Prime Time AnyTime recordings by Dish….
    For various contractural reasons the Hopper will not skip ads until a few days after the recording…
    The Autohop functionality is retained even when a PTAT recording/series is saved to a folder….
    Did I get this right?
  3. Yes...
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  4. Thanks Bobby.

    I’m trying to understand the Dish Anywhere (web browser) listing of Sunday’s Prime Time Anytime recordings.


    The first and fourth items make sense.
    Item 1 - FOX 7 News was recorded by PTAT and I have the option to save ithe series or this specific recording.
    Item 4 - Elementary was recorded by PTAT and this recoding was saved because I had an existing timer to record all new.

    But the 2nd and 3rd are confusing.
    Item 2 & 3 - American Crime and Shades of Blue were recorded by PTAT and it says the series was saved but Dish Anywhere also offers to save it (unlike item 4). We have never had a timer for either program. So why would PTAT label them as “series saved”?

    FWIW Elementary shows up in the DVR section as saved but American Crime and Shades of Blue do not.

    Is this just a bug in the web version of Dish Anywhere?
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  5. Dish Anywhere can be inconsistant with what the reality is on the DVR itself. DA has shown me recordings available when I had ereased them a day before, DA will NOT show me recordings made just 2 DAYS before. While I use DA almost every day and greatly enjoy and recommend it, it is also a VERY strange behaving bird that can insist I am NOT logged on when I am and refuse to connect when it should. I actually let DA sit for a few minutes after loading, and then expect to repeat the process to view a DVR recordings or Live viewing a few time before it works, and then all works as it should. Ironcially, the Slingbox just works as it should nearly 100%, but not DA, which can have fits of behavior. Also, DA can transfer shows to your mobile device, and that is very powerful and enjoyable.

    So, your DVR viewing at home in the room, does, indeed, show you the REAL situation, where it seems to take DA some time, even a day or so, to "update" itself to reflect the reality on the DVR itself. FWIW, there are things that the Slingbox can do that DA can't, but it may not be necessary for you to consider that.
  6. It also doesn't have to be a primetime anytime recording it can be your shows recorded from the 4 major networks in general
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