How to combine Horizontal & Vetical outputs from Prime*



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I am using an old Primestar dish + LNB to get 105. LNB has two separate outputs for horizontal & vertical. I connected to vertical and I can see signal from that.

What switch I can combine Horizontal & Vertical outputs to one ? Brand & model no ??

I have a Dish-500 system with internal SW-21, so I plan to use another external SW-21 to combine the outputs from Primestar dish & Dish-500.

The only thing I can think of for you to try is a manual A/B switch DISH receivers don't have a voltage output for H/V switching as a Primestar receiver would.
You could use SW64/44/42 for using the LNBF; one thing should be checked - which input of those switches is H, which is V.

Don't use A/B mechanical switch - you could fry your receiver or LNBF ! ALso it will not works as needed.
Finally I found a use for my SW-42 (if I did not rid of it already). Thought that thing would not have a special purpose. So how would you hook up the SW42 to it? By using Dish 1 for H and Dish 2 for V while connecting up the two individuals (not twin) to the other side where it says Dish 1 and Dish 2 for second receiver? If someone was dedicating 105 for a particular receiver could a SW-21 work? I didnt think these switches would be able to do this.
The legacy switches _working_ for such LNBF; you can combine with other dual output DSS LNBF or use just for one 105 or 121 satellite. May be you have two FSS dishes/LNBFs ? Then SW42 will make for Super2 dish :) .
It doesn't work with the outputs from the primstar H/V lnb into the sw21 to get both polarities. Run the H/V feeds into a sw64 and then it will work.


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