how to install bose 321


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Nov 7, 2005
I have an H20 receiver and a 5lnb dish. I currently do not have a surround sound system and am using my samsung lcd TV with HDMI.

I just purchased a Bose series ii 321 home theater system.

My question is, how do I set it up with my Directv receiver?

I want to utilize my HDMI connection and progressive scan for the DVD player. I own the wires necessary to make the progressive scan connection.

Never used Bose products but their website says it has a Toslink optical audio input. The back of your sat receiver should have this connection out. When I bought my 5.1 surround system the audio experts at and every other audioreview website and magazine recommended to buy almost anything except Bose. The website says $900 for this system.

IMO the most overpriced home audio products are Bose systems and Monster cables. If I were you I would take it back and get something that has more expansion capabilities and way better sound quality. Never the less you should be able to pipe the TV sound through your Bose.

With just a little research I could probably find you 3 clean sounding speakers, a real subwoofer, a DVD player and a receiver with way more digital connections tyhen the 321 for the same price. The experts are recommending for best value in cables. Let us know if you get your audio system working the way you want.

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