How to make Dishnetwork look DVD quality


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Feb 9, 2004
I found this tip of comparing DIsh to a DVD source when tweaking, over in the Spot forums. I then added some more ideas on what I did.

What you do is DVR one of the Movies on the Premium channels that you also have on a DVD.

Then get the movie freeze framed in the exact same spot.
The you tweak the settings. In my case a SONY RPT.
You need to freeze frame at several placing to get all the colors, grass, sky, fire, ect . . .

My tweak are unique to each input. PLUS I also have Vivid, Movie, Standard, and Pro modes to also tweak.

I ended up with one mode tweaked using Avia and DVE for DVDs, then I tweaked an other for DishNetworks Premium (cant seem to spell that work right) channels.

I also use a 3rd mode for the BAD DIsh Network LOCALS and for Star Trek and NBC news. For this type of show you must tweak to the BLACK on Whites. Like the Stars in Enterprise (tweak it wrong and you cant seem em) and on NBCs nightly news (TOM B. suit) when it is black. You must be able to see the folds in His Suit and the buttons on it. And the crease in the pockt.

I find that Vivid mode works best with Dishnetworks locals as that mode as all the Artificail Enhancements on and it really helps.

All in all Three modes.
1- DVD
2- DISH Premium channels
3- Dish bad Pic channels like locals and OTA (if you use OTA).

4- maybe later (would be HDTV input, which I dont have yet)

I have a 65 " Sony RPTV, so I can realy see what is good and bad.

I have spent Months perfecting this TV to Dish Network.

I have had freinds over and they thing I am wathing a DVD when it comes to Premium channels.

I do use High quality cables and a high quality Power source, both seem to help with Dishnetworks pic quality for some reason.

For Locals, I swtich to OTA most of the time as OTA SD looks even better that Cable (cant wait to get a 921 or HD Tivo for true OTA HD).

Remember to start with the DVD tweaked perfectly with AVIA or DVE.

Please post other ideas here.

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