How to use a commercial PLL LNB with Shaw

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  1. Someone pointed out that, for some G1 transponders, I might b e able to get with a better quality LNB.

    I thought that the only options for someone using an antenna, other than one provided by Shaw would have to either use the F1 X TWIN from KUSAT, Shaw Direct, Offset F1X LNBF [XKUF1] at or take the one from Shaw, remove the plastic casing , and then fastening it to the bracket of the dish.

    After talking to a commercial grade dealer, he explained that, if I were to have a PLL LNB, that my reception issue could be either solved or improved upon.

    The one that gets both F1 and G1 from Norsat is $2,000. However, they do have one , Norsat 4508C, that Shaw says will work only has one output and only receives G1.

    Is there any way that I could set up something that would work with a 4580BC?
  3. Equipment you need (and rough prices)
    2 dishes/mounts, 90cm or bigger depending on where you are. ($180+)
    1 special LO dual LNB (right now, eBay item 272265938798 is a good example) ($40)
    1 standard dual LNB ($20) [not a dual universal!]
    4 input multi switch that does 13/18V and 22khz switching; powered is probably better. (For example an Eagle Aspen 5x4 Satellite Multiswitch). ($40)

    Aim (azimuth, elevation, skew) one dish at 111 with the standard LNB.
    Aim one dish at 107 with the special LO LNB.
    Connect the two outputs from the 111 dish/LNB to the two 0khz ports.
    Connect the two outputs from the 107 dish/LNB to the 22khz ports.

    When aiming/peaking the 107 dish, peak based on the Anik G1 transponders.

    A real meter will help aim the dishes. A FTA box/TV can be used to aim the dishes. One of the needle inline meters will do very little to help aim the dishes. Single output LNBs would work for a single receiver with a 22khz switch, but after going through the trouble to aim the dishes, I think having the ability to use more than one receiver is worth a few extra dollars upfront.

  4. I should have mentioned, I have everything I need , as far as the general dishes and the switches.

    I just have no idea how to use the Norsat 4508C in combination with another LNB in order to be used with the Shaw receiver for the 107 transponders. The Shaw receiver will not recognize a standard Universal LNB; it has to be on there same frequency as the Shaw LNB.

    I liv way outside the G1 footprint and would like to use the best LNB that I can.
  5. I do not think the norsat 4508C will help you easily. Shaw uses transponders from 11GHz to 12.2GHz from 107. The norsat 4508C only receives 11GHz to 11.7GHz. I am not an expert on feeds for LNBs but I think there is also more needed to switch between the horizontal and vertical transponders.

    The LNBF I mentioned that you can find on ebay, will receive the programming from Anik F1 and Anik G1. Anik F1 uses the normal Ku range, 11.7-12.2GHz. Anik G1 uses expanded Ku band below 11.7GHz, which is why a special LO LNB is needed. Shaw picked the frequencies they are using on G1 to make the most of the intermediate frequencies usable with standard switches and satellite receivers (950MHz to 2150MHz).

    The shaw Triple xKu LNB is really a dual LNB where one orbital position has a non-standard LO and there is a 22khz switch to select between the two orbital positions. That is easy to fake with the right LNBF's, 2 dishes, and a 22khz switch (for a single tuner) or a multi switch (for more than one tuner.)

    LNBF for 107: F1X Twin LNBF for Shaw Direct
    LNBF for 111: F2R Twin LNBF for Shaw Direct | eBay (any standard LO LNBF will work)

    If they are still in business, I suggest calling Mike Kohl at GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS. GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS  He had a section on receiving Shaw. Shaw Direct  Satellite Coverage and Recommended Antenna Sizes
  6. I have tried two of those KUSAT LNB's without too much success. The LNB would indeed receive the signals, but the quality of those located on G1 was not very good.

    I actually took the Shaw LNB, sawed the 111.1 side off, and put silicone around it to seal it. That actually worked much better, but still gave me

    The only reason why I mentioned the 4508C is because that is the LNB that Shaw recommended when they first launched G1. It will receive the extended KU band only .

    My question is how the 4508C would connect with another LNB , the one for F1, in order to function with a Shaw receiver with an xKu V-code?