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I had the new HR34 installed about 3 weeks ago. The box itself seems ok, but the entire setup has been a bit buggy. The HR34 will give a 771A message while watching live TV sporadically and have dead (black) space during recordings. I thought it may be the box itself so I got the CE release when it came out, no improvements on that.

I did notice while watching TV on a HD receiver that it was having the same issue, so I did some digging.

Here is how the installer had it setup:

- HR23 (LNB)
- SWiM-4
-- HR34
-- HR22
-- HR22

After doing some reading in these forums, I believe he may installed it wrong. So I moved the LNB to the HR34 and swapped the 34 and 24, so it is now:

- HR34 (LNB)
- SWiM-4
-- HR23
-- HR22
-- HR22

The installer really didn't seem to know what he was doing. He contradicted himself multiple times by saying that I couldn't have all of the systems in place because there were too many turners (so I instructed him to pack up and forget it, he called his manager and changed his tune) and that the whole home viewing would not work between the HR34 and HR23 (it does).

So, the way I hooked it up seems to be working and I haven't had any 771A messages yet. Is this the right way or is there a different gremlin in the system?


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Jun 18, 2011
771a is a power message. Meaning your LNB isn't getting the right voltage. Is the power inserter hooked directly in to the power slot and do you have only 1 splitter? Also, is the power inserter the correct one. There is 2, 1 is black and it's for standard SWM which requires 21 volts the other is gray and it is for 29 volts. You need the gray one


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Jan 24, 2012
Novi, MI
I think I understand your issue, and yes, there was an installation problem.

If I get you, you had a 4-port splitter run from the SWM2 line on your multiswitch. It was feeding 9 tuners (HR34=5, other DVRs=2 each) By moving the HR34 to the SWM1 line with nothing else attached, you have 5 tuners on one line and 6 tuners on the other. You can only have 8 tuners on each line.


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Jun 8, 2005
I had the 771a message as well when my installer put in a swm16 and decided to only use the swm1 port for the 9 tuners.

I would also unplug all of the receivers while moving things around and plug them back in when you are finished. That way they can pick up their correct swm channels.
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