HR20-700 Dolby Digital audio issue

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Sep 5, 2005
I tried asking D* advanced tech support, and they had no solution and am very frustrated.

I am having volume/audio issues with Dolby Digital sound. I had a HR10-250 and never had any issues with my surround sound Dolby Digital but am now having trouble with the HR20-700.

When I turn the audio option "on" for dolby digital, I get great sound on shows and stations except for UHD (channel 74). I get only a background muted noise. However, when I turn the dolby digital switch "off", the sound is fine again but without the dolby digital quality.

Any ideas? I would question my sound system or the receiver if it was a multiple channel issue or if my HR10-250 had the same problem.

Help . . . thanks.
I had that same problem several weeks ago. Out of the blue it started and "Off" was "On" and "On" was "Off". Very weird. I never lost Dolby Digital the sound was great and the Onkyo reciever was distributing 5.1 just fine via optical, just the selection was "bass-ackwards". It lasted about a week and then as strange as it started it went back to nomal after one of the updates. Nothing like that since. Try a reset and see if that corrects it.
Sorry I don't. Never figured what started it or ended it, and it has been the only glitch I have experienced with the HR-20 since getting it in Septmeber.
Thanks mtnmike, any other thoughts? I tried a reset to no avail.

What is the download you have? Call D* and ask them to walk you through a forced download. The problem you are describing was one of the original issues whey they first shipped. Issue has been cleared up.
Note that UHD doesn't actually do DD 5.1 on most of their shows. Could be your A/V receiver isn't configured to properly autodetect non 5.1 sources perhaps? I have to configure my Yamaha to take the PCM stream and decode it as Pro-Logic stereo and with the sound field I select. If I choose the wrong one then I can lose audio completly, just "voices" and so forth.

Something to look at anyway.
Please reply by conversation.

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