HR23-700 New Install Issues

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Aug 25, 2008
Atlanta, GA
Hello and newbie here!

Having a few problems with my new D* HR23-700 installed 3 days ago. Not using SWM, as the house was already wired for two DirecTiVo S2 Receivers (two lines going to each). New Slimline 3 Dish installed.

First problem: When I go to network setup, it connects without a problem to the internet (meaning that I can download all the On-Demand stuff), but when I try to setup Network Services (STB Port and Audio Port), I get the following error: Unable to start Network Services (301). What does this mean, and how do I fix it? I tried both automatic and manual (and opening ports on my router) and even setting DMZ on the router to the HR23-700's IP Addy. In "System Info" the STB Services Port has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point and says N/A (301) and the Status and Audio Services Port only have an (-) in their description. Network and Internet say Connected. My thought was it might be a router problem but after trying two different routers, I don't think that it is the router. Network connection is DSL.

Second problem: I have a friend who has a D* HR20 box which my PC was able to connect to, or is it the other way around. When I try to use my D* HR23-700 to connect to my PC, my PC (Network) shows the D* Media Share Renderer and DirecTV2PC Media Server, but the HR23-700 will not show my media content. the PC also says that Media Share is not enabled. Even though it does show as enabled in the Network and Sharing Center.

Don't know where to go for help, and the folks at D* were no help at all (they don't support). Any help and guidance would be most appreciated. Feeling mighty confused and a little lost (unusual for me with electronics).

Dave :confused:

My System:
Slimline 3LNB Dish
DSR-708 (220 Hours)
D7000/8 (220 Hours)
R-10 (220 Hours)


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Sep 13, 2003
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I don't have an HR23, but do have a couple of HR20s connected using Windows Media Player and XP. Did you add and enable the device there? (Options>>library>>configure sharing)
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