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Jul 13, 2004
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Hey guys, I am getting ready to get a new receiver to add to my house, if I order through D* I get the HR24.

MY current setup is a HR20, HR21, and H21 non SWM slimline, and a 6x8 MS.

MRV is set up using my in place ethernet network (all GIG-E if that matters) there is no DECA.

The HR24 has an ethernet port, will it use this for the MRV? I know it has deca built in, but I wont be using it. I will also need B-Band convertors I think.

currently directv cinema works just fine since the network does have an internet connection.

so the question is basically if I slap a HR24 in on the network through Ethernet will it work just like all my other receivers are or am I gonna have to get Directv out at an extra cost to install a SWM switch and deca equipment?
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