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Mark Taylor

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Aug 11, 2008
Can I move and reallign my HughesNet Internet satellite antennae?
I already mounted the pole and routed the wires but I am having trouble finding the satellite. Is there software available so I can use my laptop to do the alignment? I only move 4 miles as the crow flies.
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SatelliteGuys Guru
here is a very handy very detailed guide on how to move your system written by my good friend Barb Nolly. She writes technical guides for a living and is a certified cisco networking instructor. She wrote a lot of their courses and manuals.

very well written with lots of screen shots.

It's geared to the mobile user but works just as well for a fixed customer. Of course it is only valid for Ku band...not the newer HN9X00 Ka series modems

check it out here.

Once you look it over then come back here and ask the resident HN experts specific questions. This way a lot of bandwidth is not wasted.
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