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Philips Electronics launched its TD1336 family of hybrid tuners for NTSC, ATSC, QAM and OpenCable broadcast systems which allow customers maximum flexibility in their applications.

The tuner modules are specially designed for US and Korean digital TV, set-top box or Home Media Center applications. Besides being used in terrestrial applications, the new tuner family can also be used in cable applications, thus making it a versatile product. To give customers maximum flexibility in developing their applications, the TD1336 family offers various loopthrough options, including an Out of Band RF Pin output for Uni-Directional Plug and Play applications. This enables to make use of multiple tuners in the same application. For the end-user it means that they can watch one program and record another program at the same time.


The housing and pinning is the same as for the TD1316 family of DVB-T tuners or Philips cable tuners, making it very easy for the customer to integrate into their favourite front-end solution. Philips TD1336 tuner modules have both narrow band and broadband IF outputs, giving customers the freedom to design a front-end solution best suiting their requirements.

Philips RF Solutions, 5656 AA Eindhoven, The Netherlands. www.rfsolutions.philips.com
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