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Dec 7, 2003
I'm ditching Comcast cable for Directv and have a couple of "hypothetical" questions regarding local channels and distant network station ("DNS") eligibility. I'm on the edge of the San Francisco/San Jose DMA but my address doesn't qualify for it. The Monterey DMA I'm in doesn't have local channels yet. The DNS tool on the Directv web site says my address will require waivers and I shouldn't expect them, even though the OTA signal is crap.

Just a few miles away is a "white area" that is fully eligible for all DNS service. Apart from the fact that it be "wrong", would it be possible to initiate my new Directv service with my home as the billing address and a "virtual" service address in the white area to qualify for the DNS feed, and then add local channels when they become available from the Monterey DNS by "moving" the service address to my home address? This way I could at least get the network channels until the locals are available over Directv. Assuming this ploy would work, would I be forced to give up the DNS channels if I "moved" to the Monterey DMA when local channels became available?

Thanks in advance with your inputs on this hypothetical question.
I used to live in Hollister and used my work address in San Jose as my
billing address for D* with my correct phone number.. Got the SF/SJ local channels for over 2 years that way, then I moved..
Please reply by conversation.

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