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Sep 7, 2003
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Ok folks, this is unusual, but I have a question and it is slightly off topic, but I have a question.

For those of you who joined us for our Charlie Chat... Chat tonight, did you have a good time?

I have NEVER had more fun then I did tonight, while the on TV chat was bad, the live SatelliteGuys Chat was rocking!

This is the first time I have ever felt really good about hosting one of these chats, I felt most enjoyed themselves!

Tell me what you thought! :)
I didn't get to pay as much attention to it tonight as I had in the past. It was fun. Can you post a logfile.txt from the chat?
Lucky you. I watched the chat in morbid curiosity. The chat chat was fun ... except when the BingoTV mess was going on and "the guys" were really bored. Even Charlie and Jim were set off base by the BingoTV bunch. After a few minutes of stupidity they awkwardly said "Let's take a break".

A break? In a live chat?

The booth guys played another BingoTV clip quickly and the dynamic trio were hussled off stage.

Of course my favorite moment was when a caller made it through asking about Triangle TV. Charlie didn't quite know that one! When he realized what it was, he explained that it was of limited interest and didn't have enough following to get on the air. He seemed truely caught off guard. It wouldn't have been a bigger suprise if someone made it on the air to oink!

And on that score, the rumors were worse than the truth on that score. Still a $3 increase at the top, but AT120 subscribers only have to pay a penny more (wow) instead of the rumored dollar. The same with AT180 subscribers - $1.01 more instead of $2.

Not bad, but better to read than watch. :)

It looks like to me that the extra 3.00 is only to go for the dvr fee that AEP subs aren't suppossed to pay .

Why else the 3.00 ? If you add up the 1.01 on the AT 180 and the penny on the AT 120 that doesnot equal 3.00. So I can only conclude that Charlie is trying to make up for the dvr fee that we are not suppossed to pay for AEP. It's not like we received any new channels fro the 3.00.

The Bingo channel I can't even play either in Texas or Arkansas. Not that I would ever play that crap anyway.
I didn't understand the AEP increase eaither.

Charlie said the increase is because we give you DVR service for FREE.

If its FREE why is my bill going up $3 a month.

Also he said the adverage monthly bill would be going up LESS then a dollar, however all the price increases shown were $1.01, how is that LESS then a Dollar?

Scott Greczkowski said:
Also he said the adverage monthly bill would be going up LESS then a dollar, however all the price increases shown were $1.01, how is that LESS then a Dollar?

I thought Top60+Locals only went up one cent. That would bring the average down to less that $1.

(Oops, make that Top120+Locals, not Top60.)
Rewind the tape ...
Everything advertised is w/locals.
AT60 is AT50 - same price $29.99
AT120 is AT100 + $.01 more - $39.99
AT180 is AT150 + $1.01 more - $49.99

AT120 plus HBO/Cinemax is $1.01 more - $56.99
AEP is $3 more - $82.99

Note that AT180 went up $1, HBO went up $1 --- I'd bet that Showtime went up $1 too, which accounts for the $3 that Almost Everything Pack went up.

I don't have line of sight to my TV when I'm on the computer, so all I hear is the sound. It makes the CC much more enjoyable because of how bad this show really is. If I do want to catch something (like the cold Bingo girl 8) ) I just use my 508 to go back.
Yesterday's Chat chat was the first one I attended. I know I laughed my ass off. It was fun to riff on Charlie and Jim and Schwimmer and the Bingo crew and the $.01 price increase and the callers. I usually forget Charlie Chats are even on untill after the fact, but I happened to hop on satelliteguys just a few minutes before it started so I decided to check it out.

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