I know this might sound stupid but...


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Jul 8, 2005
It seems pretty interesting that hd is more picky so to speak vs analog for reception (either you get it or you don't vs something gradual)

I've noticed that just moving the antenna in one given position gives me one more channel....

Has anyone used maybe sheets of tinfoil if they'd work? I know it sound odd but I remember hearing of people using cbands for wifi access, hooking up atari 2600's to cd roms so I figured maybe...

Also what's that port on the right side of the box...looks like something would go into it....


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Oct 19, 2004
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There are basically two reasons for not receiving a digital TV picture:

1. The signal strength is below your receivers reception threshold - weak signal.
2. Multi-path - the receiver is receiving multiple signals on the same frequency slightly time offset and cannot properly interpret them.

Both problems may exhibit themselves in very similar manners (pixelation and lock ups of tuner, or no picture at all), but multipath tends to also have bouncing signal strength (80 to zero to 80).

For weak signal strength a larger antenna is the first remedy, then a pre-amplifier is added as a LAST resort.

For multipath moving or re-orienting the antenna should be tried first, but it may require switching to a different style of antenna (bowtie to yagi or vice versa)

If your problem is weak signal and your tinfoil can increase that signal - that's good. If the problem is multipath and the tinfoil can block a major sub stream or strengthen your main rf stream that's good, too, but the antenna being outside (the best place for it) tinfoil won't last very long.

I've found with indoor antennas,especially in marginal situations, where I'm standing also has an effect on the signal. This little blob of water reflects and refracts UHF TV frequencies - so put 'er on the roof.

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