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I have a direct tv reciever and a slimline ariza dish with 3 lmb. but i havent been able to get satellite could anyone please help me thanks. :)

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Let's start from the beginning. The mast for the dish must be installed plumb, with the small stabilizer legs. Then you must set the elevation and skew for your area. I would use the closest zip code you can find. Then you must find where to point the dish to pick up the 101 satellite, that's the azimuth. Again, use the closest US city zip code you can find. Make sure you attach the bbc's at the receiver. Then it's a matter of being patient. Check the signal strength menu and see if you have anything showing for the 101 satellite. The numbers need to be in the 90-95 range. Move the dish slightly in each direction and check to see how the numbers change. It takes a few seconds to register the changes. When you have good numbers for the 101 satellite, check the 99 and 103. They are trickier to get good numbers, but the procedure is the same. Use small movements of the dish and check the signal strength meters in the receiver. Good luck!


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I would strongly suggest that you do a search on both this forum and and the technical forum for an explain how to setup the dish. I'm sort of surprised that you Canadians don't have a special user's group up there since that seems to be one of the most common questions from that part of the country. Good luck.
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