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DJ Rob

SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 8, 2003
Denver, Colorado
Here's the deal.

I may be able to "find" an extra $200-300 to use for some new FTA stuff soon.

I already have a 90cm motorized Ku dish with a Traxis 3500 receiver. It is only an SD receiver.

My question is what should I get with that $200-300?

1) A 6 or 8 ft. C-Band dish?
2) Or an Azbox HD receiver?
3) A bigger Ku dish (like a 1.2 m) that can do a little C-Band.
Or do you have another suggestion?

I would like to have HD FTA capability since I have an HDTVbut I'm not sure how much more I would get with my Ku dish . I mostly watch english programming like newsfeeds and any major nets so I'm not sure if it would be better to get a C-Band dish...
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SatelliteGuys Master
Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
Just my opinion:

1) A 6 or 8 ft. C-Band dish? - go out and get one for free; buy Gbox & C2 from Sadoun to run it.
2) Or an Azbox HD receiver? - there goes your $300, and well spent I'd say! - ;)
3) A bigger Ku dish (like a 1.2 m) that can do a little C-Band - if you do, you'll need bigger DG380 motor to run it, so: no.
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 26, 2006
40 miles NW of Omaha. Omaha?
DJ Rob,

Well, my first impression of the difference between a 90 cm and a 1.2 M dish would be to say that you won't pick up very many more channels than you already have. Especially in your location. Many of the sats available to your area in the Ku-Band don't even require a dish of 90 cm in size. I stepped up from a 75 cm to a 1.2 M dish and in all honesty, there were very few sats or channels which were gained. It barely helped with a couple of borderline signal channels. I had hoped that the RTV channels on 83W would have come out smelling like roses, but there was only a slight improvement. The best improvement you will find is the reduction of rain fade affects. So, I wouldn't go this route in YOUR specific case. If you lived much further north or across the northern border, I might have a slightly different view.

A C-Band dish would be an excellent addition to what you already have. However, as Anole stated, you can very often and very easily pick up a used BUD for nothing or next to nothing. So why spend any money in this direction if it is not necessary. You might plunk down a little for the controller if needed.

Now, getting to the AZBox, I think I will have to go along with Anole once again. However, I would stipulate that you opt for the Premium model. This is more expensive, obviously, but you gain some amenities that I have found that I would not like to be without now that I have enjoyed them. These are:

1] Built-in WiFi! Fantastic!

2] External P.S. (which reduces the heat within the AZBox itself).

3] Internal HDD add-on capability. Works great! Especially with an Eco-HDD or Green Friendly HDD. I use a 1TB Samsung and it is fantastic. Quiet as a "dead" mouse and extremely cool operation! I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that it is QUIET.

4] The quirks and bugs are fast being corrected and new features are being added. With the exceptions of BLIND SCAN and dual satellite tuner support at this time, you will be amazed that this box is as inexpensive as it is.

The AZBox gets my vote as I am already trying to buy a second one. I mentioned this a while back, but there was a problem with the supplier to the retailer. They sent him a shipment of Elites instead of Premiums, so I have to wait until he gets more Premiums in. This availability might be a drawback to you if you want one very soon.

Since you requested opinions, I presented mine and with some information to support my reasoning as well. But, to be honest, there are a LOT of things that I would like to buy, period. So I understand the dilemna of deciding. If you do buy the AZBox, I do believe that you will be thrilled quite considerably. I know that I am and I have tried many other boxes searching for one that suits my needs and I think that this AZBox is just it. Just be forewarned that a lot of special considerations go into setting this box up. It isn't a plug-and-play box and requires the support of a PC to really utilize it fully. You might cuss at it and possibly become a little frustrated at first, but it is WELL worth it overall and it is definitely getting better with each new image release. (Image is the term for the firmware in Linux OS boxes).

Hope that my opinions and information gives you a good bone to chew on! Good luck and best wishes in your decision.



Official TV Watcher
Pub Member / Supporter
Apr 7, 2006
up on the roof in SinCity
. I mostly watch english programming like newsfeeds and any major nets so I'm not sure if it would be better to get a C-Band dish...

if this is what you watch.
and you don't watch sports feeds and even if you did.
i would pick
1) a c-band dish but a 10' they are just as free or near free.
if you get 6-8 you will wish for a 10'. save yourself that.
you will get many more channels for your money.
and yes it will cost some $ these old free ones will most likely need a motor. cheap one $80 good one twice that. plus the install pole concrete cable.
and get yourself a old box to run your dish sometimes you get one with the dish but if not $50 on ebay. a fellow had one of those little motor controllers catch fire awhile back would not have one in my house.
(i know people will get me for this) but i was told this and it is how i feel about them period was enough for me. plus they won't pick up any stations lol.
then a few months down the road get a azbox or whatever is the big thing then, and then you will have the dishes to really enjoy it.

good luck with any choice you make

edit: or go out with a buddy and go hunting notes on a house where you get no answer have worked for others, a fellow got a 10'. this week with a note.
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 2, 2008
Northern Kentucky
I would say C Band, check E-bay first or the local Craig's list.
HD FTA Receiver
Extra 76 cm dishes (Our sponsor Sadoun is selling Five of them $189 on E-bay..shipped).
Extra LNB's
Extra DiSEqC switches
Buriable Coax

It might be worth it to invest in extra tools and a flat bed trailer and offer to "take those old C-band dishes" off people's hands for free or charge them $25 for the service... :) . Three or four C-band dishes would "pay" for the trailer and extra tools. Plus, if you have more than one C-band dish..you could leave it "parked" on one satellite and not have to worry about motors or motor controllers.

DJ Rob

SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 8, 2003
Denver, Colorado
It looks like most of you would say the Azbox first, then a used C-band dish. I do not see many c-band dishes here used but I'll keep looking. Thanks for all of the advice!
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