I sent my H20 back

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After several replacement boxes that would not authorize, and getting sick and tired of my original H20 constantly rebooting, I am returning my H20 and going back to using my LG3200a. It's a much better box, it just doesn't do mpeg4. The tuner is less sensitive than the H20, but at least when I watch a show, I can actually watch a show. I got them to remove the balance of my two year commitment, also. I had about 15 months left on it.

On a side note, it seems that the H20 would reboot when I was watching an hd channel. Anyone else notice this?
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I have a lot of audio drop outs on my H20, but they all seem to be on HDLIL - KUSA so it is likely the affiliate.

I did have my first HR20 problem today. I recorded Wedding Crashers and it will not play ... it just sits there all stupid like.
I just replaced my H20 with an HR20. Thank goodness. I never did like the H20. Cant wait till they activate the OTA tuners. I really like the HR20. Whats amazing is its cooler then the H20-600. Hard to believe since it has a hard drive.
Last January, my H20 would reboot every time I tuned to the local HD Fox station via OTA. Turned out, it was a PSIP problem originating from the station. It happened again in February with the local NBC station as well. PSIP generator issues are far, more common and is something the average HD OTA viewer wouldn't know.
I had my H20 installed last Dec and never had any rebooting issues, I thought it was a pretty good box, the only thing I had a problem with is the slow channel changing and having to hit the button twice for the guide but I have gotten use to that. I got my HR20 last week and moved the H20 to the bedroom, I have been happy with the HR20 for the short period of time I have used it. Perhaps i am just lucky but I have been satisfied with the performance of the equipment.
My H20 didnt reboot that often but the guide was really really slow. Channels would disappear on me all the time both local digital and sat ones. The OTA tuning was good on the unit but I really like the speed of the HR20. There are a couple ways around the double hit guide button.

Once you've viewed the guide, you can hit the back button and it calls up the guide. Also, you can use the blue button and it calls the guide up one line at a time. I really dont know what they are thinking about the filters first on the guide. I think if there was a poll, you would find most dont want the filter first.
My H20 doesn't seem to have a reboot problem. Right after I activated it had one little hiccup a day or so later but I figured that was updating software and the problem hasn't repeated itself. One thing I have noticed is the satellite strength scans showed much lower values than my H10. Last night I finally switched the units around, putting the H20 in my media room to take better advantage of it. I'd thought that low signal strengths indicated a dropout in that run as the H10 was nearly maxed out across the board in the media room but when I ran a scan with the H20 in its new location I got the same low values from before. For grins I ran a signal strength scan on the H10, now in the old H20 location, and it came back with nearly maxed out strengths. Beats me why but at least it doesn't seem to be a wiring problem as all the connectors stayed in place and I just moved the boxes. However, signal strength scans on the H20 notwithstanding the picture is great and I haven't noticed any particular unusual signal losses during storms. I do notice that the guide is slower on the H20 than the H10 and I'd also vote to change the filter programming.....liked my old Samsung interface much better.
There is noting wrong with your set! the H20 does not read signals as high as other STBs. I had readings in the 70s & 80's on the H20 and when I swapped to the HR20 I readings in the 90's to 100. The H20 is known for low sat readings.
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