I signed up for what?????

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May 31, 2005
Called Directv in late July to inquire about going to HD. They said I could purchase thru them for $249 with a $200 rebate or buy locally and still receive the $200 rebate. Per the rep three free months of HD programming was included plus FOX and ABC HD from NY/LA since I was already receiving FOX and ABC SD from NY/LA.
Purchased locally and activated in early August. Was told I get three months of HD free for purchasing an HD receiver when activating.
Three weeks later my FOX/ABC HD disappeared. Called and was told I should have received a letter in late July about the satellite act which would cut off my HD signals unless I responded. I inquired as to why I would have received a letter regarding HD cutoff in late July as I did not subscribe until August. (silence...then subject change)
I then asked why I was not told either when I inquired or when I subscribed that HD signals would only be available to me for three weeks. (silence...then subject change)
The rep said they would have to submit a waiver request for HD signals and if granted, I would only receive NY HD even though I could keep my NY/LA SD stations. Waiver was submitted. No response yet.
One month after subscribing, I receive a postcard from Directv "reminding" me I have committed to a 24 month subscription due to upgrading to HD and if I cancel, I could be subject to up to $300 in fines for cancelling. WHAT????
I contact them via email and inform Directv that NO ONE mentioned a 24 month mandatory committment or possible fine either when I inquired about upgrading or called to activate. That was on September 8th. I received an email advising my inquiry would be forwarded to "the appropriate department" for review and response. No response yet.
I am new to this forum so this has probably been discussed previously but I just wanted a chance to vent. Thanks.


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May 18, 2004
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CSRs rarely (if ever) know of any pending legislation or rules changes and will not be able to tell you anything until after THEY are told/trained. The 1yr & 2yr agreements have been discussed here at length and are printed in plain sight on all of the DirecTV Terms of Service (TOS) listings; be it paper or electronically. Although most people here agree they (CSRs) should mention this a bit better, they do verbally or electronically ask if you have READ the TOS and if you AGREE to the TOS. For those that choose not the read the detail are just as at fault IMHO.


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Sep 18, 2005
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I agree with harp. It's not like you didn't get anything. You got a receiver that some people, actually many people, paid 1000 dollars. You got that receiver at 49 dollars. The 2 year commitment makes up the price. I'm sure if you talk to them they will take your receiver back and cancel your commitment. They tend to be very accomodating. Just call up and complain high enough, but don't complain to me about paying $49 dollars for a awesome receiver.
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