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Sep 23, 2003
Spencerport, NY
I pulled my 722k from standby this afternoon only to find all my HD programing gone. I had changed my subscription yesterday from Top250 with HD free for Life to Top 200 with HD Free for Life via the website.

After my 722k came up I had a Dialog box onscreen telling me my receiver was not authorized for HD. I did several resets, no luck. So I called Dish and got a "Technical Support CSR" whom told me multiple times," Sir you need to upgrade to Eastern ARC as all HD content was now only at 72.7. I tried to tell this CSR that I had a 129 Dish installed 12 months ago as I had several SD receivers and Eastern ARC would not work with SD receivers, and I got all my local channels on the tuner cartridge from my 722k and I didn't need my Locals via satellite.

The CSR wasn't having it, " Sir, the reason you have no HD channels is that your Dish installation can't receive HD content as it is not pointed at 72.7".

I repeated over and over and over again, " I've been receiving HD content from my 129 Dish for over 12 months, just send a rehit to my receiver." CSR; "No, sir that is not the problem your installation no longer supports HD as you require an Eastern ARC Dish.

I pleaded with him to push me up the chain to a supervisor (Which he replied that he was the Supervisor, this is hard to believe, especially considering he wouldn't hear from me that Dish also uplinks all HD content to the 129 satellite, WHICH I WAS RECEIVING SIGNALS FROM), after another 20 minutes on the phone. He insisted my receiver would have to be replaced. I finally hung up.

Called back and had another TECH Support person, they sent a rehit, and within 5 minutes my HD channels were back.

It's pathetic when an End User knows more than the TECH Support staff.

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Jul 2, 2010
Yeah, that blows for sure. I actually had all my HD disappear today on my 722k's too. I'm on WA, though I did the online chat, you might have better luck (maybe at least less frustration) on the online chat, but I told them my signal strength is fine on 110/119/129 and they reauthorized.

I'd just play CSR roulette next time, if they won't listen to you, hang up sooner than you did. Saves some frustration :) .

Mojo Jojo

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Apr 19, 2009
Wow! The same thing happened to us today (lost all HD channels) as well. What are the odds of this happening? I wonder how many subs this may have happened to and did not even realize.
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TonyT@DISH Network

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Dec 21, 2010
Denver, CO
That would not be something I would be happy about either, to be honest, and I would certainly not want to have to keep calling to get someone I felt confident was capable of assisting me. If you want, you could give us a PM sometime and we can help you out. I have counterparts that are fully capable of assisting in programming changes and things of that nature. We can save you the hassle of the automated system and we will get you taken care of. The only reason I can see it being an issue is a PM when we are not working, but if its not an emergency, hit us up and give us a try.
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Pub Member / Supporter
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Jul 20, 2006
Northwest Alabama
I lost all of my HD channels on Saturday evening. I am on the EA. I called and they gave me a rehit and everything came back.
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