If you cancel E

Bob Haller

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Sep 11, 2003
pittsburgh pa
working 12 to 14 hour days for last 2 weeks school has started, all sorts of wierd stuff comes up..

it will slow down to normal soon.

for awhile exhaustion is my life, driving is hard work.......


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Sep 7, 2003
Rohnert Park, CA
Yep, everyone on this entire website, except the mods of course, should put him on ignore. the mods should watch him in case they can find a reason to ban him....


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Sep 30, 2006
Great High Plains
Felt that way

Part of me wants to join you and part of me still sees some comedic value in his posts. I may hang on a while longer.

I felt that way until just yesterday and couldn't take it anymore. He so often hijacks threads to whine about the same old sh**. It's how badly treated he was and that E* is treating all it's customers so bad. The fees are not something that I like seeing but I'm just completely worn out reading his B'n & moaning about the same thing constantly. Just think the more people that put him on ignore the better off we will be.

Bob Haller

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Supporting Founder
Sep 11, 2003
pittsburgh pa
I think keeping hard drives nice and cool helps a lot. NOT in a entertainment center and preferably in a home with AC......

And just think how happy everyone will be if the fee increase stands........

Heck every provider will do the same thing.....

Sir you package of top 200 is 70 bucks per month....

All you assorted fees are only 82 dollars you shopped very carefully.. your total bill is very reasonable, of 152 dollars unfortunately we must add the 30 dollar a month provider fee, it goes back to the channels and allows you to DVR them......

Yes sir I know thats a lot but we have no control over the provider fee..........


May 31, 2004
Ok, my first post.

I have been with E for many years and as of September 18 will be going to FIOS. I can say that I havent had terrible problems with E, this is just a finacial move. I expect FIOS to come with their own issues. Since my billing cycle is on the 20th of the month, cancelling on the 18th should limit any refunds to two days and if it takes some time i am not really concerned. In anticipationj of the change I stopped the automatic bill pay two months ago. I did not want them to have access to my account when I cancelled. My question is, should I call or chat and request the box for return in advance of the 18th?


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Aug 10, 2007
Had two reasons for switching to FIOS myself...financial, and rain fade. The increase in fees for my two E* DVRs was the final factor for the switch.

I canceled last Saturday, and my return boxes will be delivered today by UPS.

Since my original cancellation chat, I have gotten an additional two emails and a voice mail to return the receivers post-haste, or else! Find that irritating, since I have never been late on any fee owed to E* in the several years I have been with them.

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