If you have an RV waiver do you get CBS-HD?


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Oct 2, 2003
If you get the NY and LA DIstant Nets (the two CBS stations are owned by CBS).

Do you get CBD in HD if you ask them to turn it on?

I know in writing you might be able to, but does any one know for sure and is getting them right now with there RV waiver.

I would hate to spend $1000 on a 921 then call to get CBS-HD only to find I cant.
Yes, you can get CBS HD with an RV waiver, you are only allowed two feeds for each network by the FCC. So, you can get CBS HD NY and CBS HD LA, but then you do not get the SD feeds for those nets. Or you can get CBS HD NY and CBS SD NY or whatever combination you want.
ocaddict said:
I can't pickup jack on OTA where I live. Who do I call to get the CBS HD? Dishnetwork support?

you have to see what you qualify for. Dish's site has a locals spot. You type in your address and it tells you what you qualify for.

To qualify for CBS-HD, theres different rules
You must live in one of the 17 market areas served by stations owned and operated by the CBS corporation. Owned and operated stations are commonly referred to as O&O stations. (O&O stations serve only 35% of the country. Hence, most areas in the country are served by stations which carry CBS programming, but are owned by independent companies. These are known as affiliates.)

The 17 markets served by CBS O&O stations are: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Marquette, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Green Bay.
You must not be in range to receive the signals of a CBS affiliate from a nearby city. For instance many people in Baltimore (an O&O station market) are in range of the Washington DC CBS affiliate. These Baltimore residents cannot receive the HD feed without a waiver from the Washington DC CBS affiliate. The logic behind this is that the owners of the affiliate station do not wish to lose viewers to the New York or LA CBS station, generally a loss of viewers leads to a loss of ad revenue for the station.

Importantly, it is possible to get a waiver from the affiliate station allowing you receive a distant CBS feed. Today, CBS is attempting to get blanket waivers for the HD feed for all customers affected by these neighboring affiliate stations. If this effort is not successful, we will seek to get individual CBS waivers for individual customers upon request. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to compel affiliate stations to grant waivers. Waivers are granted at the affiliate station's discretion, which is beyond our control. Please be assured that we are working hard with CBS in an effort to procure affiliate waivers.
You must subscribe to any one our distant or local network packages. If you do, the CBS-HD feed will be added at no extra charge.

You must live in an area that does not receive the broadcasts of local stations in any market area (a so called "White Area")

You must subscribe to any one our distant network packages (these include: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, New York, and Los Angeles). If you do, the CBS-HD feed will be added at no extra charge.

As an eample, I qould qualify under #1...Im in the Mpls DMA and there are no affiliate stations near me. If you have CBS via distants, you qualify under #2

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