If you're looking for speed, Comcast has another decent deal

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  1. Comcast, at least in the Southern region, is offering Extreme 300Mbps down, 30Mbps up with locals, HBO or SHO (not in HD) unlimited data for 70.00+tax. 3 yr contract. Good for gaming, and if nothing else, even if your equipment doesn't handle 300 down, pays for itself as unlimited data is $50.00 extra if you wanted that for whatever you do..game,streaming service, etc. Just thought I'd post if anybody was looking for unlimited data at a good price with fast speed. Andy
  3. Where did you see this at? The website? Do you have Google in your service area that offers good deals?
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  4. It is NOT advertised. I called to remove VIDEO portion and keep internet only. Obviously, to artificially inflate video numbers, locals & a premium are included. No HD. I have a book that does list it, but it is listed at $109.99, BEFORE modem rental, tv fee and small internet tax. They also are NOT advertising that right now, even if you just have Blast! service, you could add unlimited data for $25 instead of $50 for 1 yr no contract.
    To get the deal I got, I went to customer solutions, said I wanted to drop cable service but keep just internet. So Extreme is $70+$10 modem,+ locals tv fee of $6.75 (when I use their stream app, 1..locals including TBS are still in HD, 2..if you choose Showtime use a laptop or phone and use their stream app, go to "TV GO" channels, and I'm getting more Showtime channels than whats on the box. Showtime Next, Showtime Women, Showtime Family.)+ various small local and state taxes.
    Total price for me is $89.55 monthly.
    So to me, unlimited data pays for itself and speed is great, even if your devices can't handle 300Mbps down, my Wi-Fi 5Ghz phone gets well over 110Mbps down, 30Mbps upload, 2.4Ghz runs about 60-75Mbps down 30 upload and I have walls made of concrete in the middle!! So even if your devices don't handle the 300, they all should run faster.
    In a nutshell, say "downgrade my service" then "cable tv (or internet) it'll take you straight to a customer resolutions person. They'll try for starter, insist you heard of a guy that gets Extreme, locals and a premium for around $90 taxes and all. I know for sure it's available here in GA. Each region is different and here we pay less for internet than other regions.
    Sorry so long Hope this helps!!
  5. I sell Comcast, if you want a good deal send me a Private message and I’ll do something better then the National offers.

    This deal is not everywhere. You will usually see it when google fiber or another competitive cable provider is in the area.

    I have seen gig speeds for $70/mo depending on the area.

    Most areas it’s 150 meg max