Got Blast! Pro at a good rate!!

Discussion in 'Cable and Fiber Providers' started by andy_horton, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. In this region (South) with Comcast, I'm now in a package getting 100Mbps down, up to 10Mbps up for $50.00 (tax is .70 cents..hardly any tax in Georgia on internet) Yes, agreement is 3 yrs, but I don't plan on moving out of Comcast footprint and as long as I keep some level of service (even if I just switched to limited basic) no ETF. 1TB data cap.
    Also, in this area, Gig service is $70 for 3 yrs, same terms and conditions. The Gig plan does require a tech visit of a 1 time fee of $60, and I'm not eligible because of wiring needed, along with different gateway.
    But the 100Mbps down is a good deal worth at least a look. Just an FYI. Not sure if all regions are offering this