I'm almost ready to plunge into DirectTivo

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Jan 9, 2004
Anyone know if the DirectTivo has the ability to off-load programs in digital format? The one I saw at Best Buy had 2 USB ports on the back. But what are they for? I've never owned a PVR, but will; I just want to know what I'm getting into.

Someone told me about how easy it was to off-load programs from his ReplayTV. This I gotta have. Can it be done on the DirectTivo?
The DirecTivo does not have the ability to off-load in digital. The USB ports are not activated on these receivers.

Off loading can be done but it requires some linux programming and is something that is not recommended. You can find out more information at Tivo Community. See the TIVO underground forum specifically.

You will love the Tivo. It is truly an awesome, worry free receiver.
While we're on the subject of the USB ports, wouldn't it be GREAT if DirecTV would allow Tivo to enable the whole 4.X/Home Media Option? Multi-room viewing, folders, remote scheduling... Seems to me that it would be a one-up on the competition. :smug

<sigh> Okay, this is a blatant attempt to beg for HMO to be made available to us, just in case anyone connected with DTV reads this but, gosh darnit, those features sure would be nice! :yes
Yes it certainly would be nice to have HMO. All I really want is folders!!! I'm hoping now that the merger is out of the way maybe HMO will become a higher priority.
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