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Mar 14, 2004
I'm going to cancel my voom service tomorrow. I have had the service for 2+ months and here why.

1. The audio drops. I have to change the channel several times to get audio sometimes.

2. The local OTA mapping problems. I have called and email and it seems nobody really knows when it will be fixed.

3. Box locking up every day.

4. No ESPN, SciFI, TechTV.

5. You would think someone focused on HDTV would make the SDTV programs look as good as possible? No, compression on SDTV channels is pretty bad.

6. The exclusive voom channels have no content. It seems after one week they just play the same loop again.

This is just some of the reasons I am turning off the service. I will be honest I jump on Voom because it was a good value with no comment. I thought hey I'll join know and see if things get better and maybe I will benefit for joining early, I had researched (mainly this Forum) and knew there would be some issues. What I think is there is one question to ask about voom. Is it wachtable to the average person? (Not HDTV BUff). Example, my wife. She keeps telling how much she hates voom. Mainly for the above reasons. Voom is great for wowing friends but not for the average viewer. So goodbye voom and good luck in the future it looks like you will need it. And thanks everyone in this forum for being so helpful... :(


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Nov 30, 2003
Well.......if I had a wife......and I don't.....I would get rid of her before I got rid of Voom!!!!


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Mar 7, 2004


(1) Well no audio drops here, ever. Much better sound than on DirecTV HD, or my receiver sure likes it better!

(2) Only problem I have here is 4-1 No Signal, however I have the same with my DirecTV HD Receiver on 4-1. Do receive Locals from DirecTV and Channel 4 SD has great picture. Station is installing new HD equipment and received e-mail from Manager stating so. If I didn't have another HD receiver I would have thought it was an OTA VOOM issue.

(3) Box only locked up one time and since two software updates no issues.

(4) ESPN HD & TNT HD will surely come and at present not 24 hour anyway, in HD. Still have it on DirecTV and yes it is a channel that is needed on VOOM. As far as others they are not HD yet so I don't really care. VOOM to me is about HD and where are you going to find it, if not VOOM?

(5) Don't really see the problems that many see on SD Channels, but I really have not watch many of them with my TiVO on D*. I also only had one extra line for installers to use and I do have a diplexer installed. They offered to install second line if needed, later. Not needed here.

(6) I for one like the variety on VOOM, but I do have the few DirecTV HD (very costly for what you get, compared to VOOM) to fall back on.

I'm sure no one would say I'm an average person with an antenna farm on my roof. Designed and built a retirement home with a Home Theater in it from the start, located in a Community you have to be 55 to live in. Most neighbors go to bed early and don't hear my sound system or can see my antennas (3) located in the rear. Just don't know why you have all the problems I have not had, or why you can not get installers or VOOM to address them? Wife loved the movie Clock Work Orange on VOOM last week, and had never saw if before, (guess she is not average too!) and because the picture and sound was so great I understood it more than ever before, myself. She also really likes the Tivo's and I have given her a remote to use, herself.

Best of luck with where you go, but I have had them all (Cable, E*, D*, WebTV, Dishplayer PVR, Ultimate TV PVR, Computers and so-on) and most from the start of their service. Being an early adapter is rough and costly. Some make it and some don't mainly because of marketing. My installer drove from Chicago and from his previous appointment 137 miles, one way. He worked till 9:30 PM in the dark and could not have arrived home till after midnight! VOOM called twice to see if I was satisfied, and then a Supervisor from Indianapolis came out to check install. Am I happy? YES! They want my business and YES my Wife is happy (I pay the bills, so she really doesn't know how much we pay for all this stuff), but maybe there would be an issue if money was tight. I'm selfish, I hate to see VOOMERS cancel their service. I really like VOOM and hope they make it. But now days I also understand how hard it is to please. Maybe I just have a very understanding Wife!

Again Good Luck!

Mr. Biggles

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Mar 6, 2004
1) My audio drops are much less frequent and limited to select stations.
2) The OTA situation is well documented. V* will rectify this shortly.
3) I haven't had a box lock-up since my install date a month ago
4) ESPN. Were all hoping soon. But we also knew when we signed up it wasn't included.
5)SD on V* looks no worse than D* to me
6) I actually enjoy many of the exclusives. Some redundancy...but considering the lack of HD programming overall I think they've done a pretty good job at variety.

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