I'm so sick of Dish!


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Oct 5, 2003
So, this last bug with the daylight savings sucks! How can it still be happening?

Do a search for "Skin", the show it messed up on Monday. The search showed it's on WFLD (8493) Thrusday, 8pm

Well, it's recoreded "24"!! What the h$ll is this! I still get "Skin" when I do a search right now, but the Guide says "24"! How can the Search be different then the Guide! Is this really what I ahve to look forward to with this nice new crappy software?

Then after i selected the channel in the search, to tune to it, I end up with a tiny picture in the right hand corner, like it's in guide mode, but nothing else on the screen, even channel changing doesn't help!

They need to fix this FAST! Is it possible to void a contract do to crappy software? Cause I'm a littl over half a year in, and Tivo's looking better every day!

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