Impressions of the 811 after 24 hours (Rants and applause)


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Sep 7, 2003
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WOW! QUIET! PEACEFUL! That was my very first impression of the 811. If only my coming 921 could be this quiet.

Well, I have to say that there is something strange going on with my 811, and I have gotten the same CSR (or at least the same voice and name) and was hung up on twice, that is 2 times, by the same tech CSR today. My 2 problems are:

1) Reception of 2 of my off-air is totally unacceptable the 6000 that I had got them perfectly. Now, the signal strength bounces from 60 to 74 and has audio dropouts and distorted (as in an over compressed jpeg) picture. No, this is not the standard pixel blocks but a terrible wavy kind of distortion. I have only seen this before when I have overly compressed a photo image. However, I thought maybe there was a problem with these stations (2 out of the 13 HD stations I can get off-air). I reconnected the 6000. No problems at all. A friend of mine thinks that the decoder in the system is bad because he noticed it on the DISH HD channels, too. Personally, I have not seen this on any channels outside of the two off-air HD stations. (I might get out my video capture card to take a picture of this odd behavior.) I have wasted over an hour with DISH only to get hung up on.

2) Dropping of the DD toslink is the second problem. But I am able to regain the signal after resetting both the satellite and a/v receivers to factory defaults. The good thing is that it takes about 3 hours of having them both on for them to lose the DD link. PCM only does not have this problem.

On good notes:

1) The 811 did bring in 1 station which I had problems getting on the 6000 due to multipath interference. But still not able to get the UPN affiliate due to interference with a Louisville station.

2) DISH SD channels look MUCH better than on the 6000.

3) Output picture quality seems much improved because I am using the DVI connection instead of the component, composite or s-video connections.

4) Love the guide. Much quicker, I have noticed less of the "not available" messages. Much more modern feel than the 6000, but wish it were on par with the 721. I can not wait until the 48 hour guide is cached.

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