Improving RF on the 622 for TV2

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Nov 21, 2003
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Does anyone know of an RF booster/repeater that can be used with the TV2 remote to get a little better reception out of it?

I'm not completely pleased with the response and would like to see if it can be improved upon.

Just another option to try.

I use a splitter to combine the TV2 output and the UHF remote, then diplex it to TV2. At TV2 I use another diplexer and a splitter, one output goes to TV2 and one to the antenna. So the antenna is at TV2. This is on my 625 but it should work the same way for the 622.
rcbridge said:
If the problem is from signal level (if you have a long run of cable) it may help if the problem is signal quality it won't.

What are you feeding that signal to? (TV type, how long is cable run etc.)

It's for the remote only. That's an RF not via the actual cable ;-)


The RF output for TV2 is in UHF band (21-69). I'm not sure your diplexor solution would work.

Brian (Digital Dude):
I'll try some NiMH rechargables to see how they do.


It should work. I can't remember what frequency the UHF remotes use but it doesn't conflict with the UHF (21-69) band. A lot of people use that solution. Let me see if I can find the frequencies.

Take a look at this thread:

Just for visual, this is how it would look:


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I just upgraded to a 622 from a 522, and my 622 TV2 remote is actually more responsive than the 522 ever was.

Has anyone experienced this, or was my 522 remote a lemon??
Something that I first used tailgating (because I forgot the stupid TV 2 antenna) for my 2nd TV was plain ol bunny ears. The bunny ears had a second input on them and I just hooked that straight into the TV2 remote antenna slot. It worked so good that when I got home I hooked the antenna that I use to pick up OTA to increase the signal on my TV2 remote. Works anywhere in the house now. Just make sure that your neighbors don't have a UHF remote on the same address ;)

I'm afraid I don't quite get the diagram. I'm not sure if I'm dense, or what.

Sorry, I don't have a pretty diagram but that's the way life goes....

Switch Out -- > Diplexor Sat                                       <- Diplexor Sat
                                                < ---- Cable Run ---> 
OTA Feed  -- >  Diplexor OTA                                     <- Diplexor OTA

                              <-- Sat In 1
Sat ---< Seperator
                               <--Sat In 2

TV2 is just a straight feed of coax off of the TV2 feed.

I don't see how I'm going to insert the Antenna in there. Unless I do it like this:

UHF Antenna-->                                 <-- Antenna In
                          Splitter <--->Splitter
 RF Cable -->                                      <-- RF Out

UHF Antenna--> <-- Antenna In
Splitter <--->Splitter
RF Cable --> <-- RF Out

That's the way to do it in your setup. Just use a couple of splitter and you're set to go.

Or using the pretty diagram:


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Thanks. I had it right then with my ugly ascii Diagram then. I was concerned with the fact that the splitter was working asymettrically. I hadn't considered that as a possibility.

I'll assemble the parts and make my wife happy soon ;)

Hey John, before you go putting diplexors and splitters together, try this tip I found in this thread ( first:

On the TV2 remote, open up the battery compartment up and look for the "A-B" switch to the left of the batteries. Move it to "B" and go through the remote marrying routine (bring up the System Info page and press "Record" on the TV2 remote). That's it! You should have much greater range.
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I didn't need the diplexors. I just used the UHF antenna ($5 at Lowe's) and a pair of RF splitters ($4 at Lowe's).

I can hide the antenna behind the TV and it's still strong enough to receive the signal from the remote. I have RG-6 and termination tools floating around so there was no problem getting the cables built.

Works like a charm, and my wife will be quite happy with the results when she gets home :)

I once needed more range and had a spare RG-59 50' cable and an easy path to run it into my basement and parallel the TV2 coax. So I attached it to the UHF Antenna input, ran the coax into the TV2 room and popped the standard little antenna up in there. Worked perfectly.

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