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  1. which one of these lnb would be the best one to use on my 7 1/2 ft dish your help would be appreciated 1 .Norsat 5150F PLL C-Band Digital +/- 150KHz LNB or 2. Titanium C1-PLL C-band Phase-Locked Loop LNBF with WiMax Filter FTA PLL LNB....
  3. If you have a controller with servo polarity/skew control, the Norsat will provide better signal optimization as the skew position can be set to increase the target signal and decrease unwanted signals. If you don't have or wish to buy a controller with servo polarity skew control, go with the voltage controlled C1-PLL.
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    here some pic of the pole im working on. a dish that need clean and the lnb that came with the dish.....the dish is clean and painted and ready to put up when i can get some help.. also i ordered a ASC1 DISEqC positoner and a c 1pill c lnb ...the lnbf that on the dish is a california amplifier mini mag are thes lnb any good i will tri to set the dish up with the mini mag if it not bad. and then put the c 1 pill lnb on do you all think the c 1 pill lnb will be better or not..and down the road if the Norsat 5150F PLL C-Band Digital +/- 150KHz LNB is this one better then the to other lnb . I want the best performance i can get out of my dish.

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  5. Cleaning up nice!

    The feed is a c-band feedhorn with servo motor for polarity /skew control. Without a close-up of the feed and also of any label affixed to the bolt-on LNB, it would be impossible to further ID.
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  6. here one if this pic of the feed horn..hope this helps

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  7. No more info available. It is a C-band servo motor polarity control feedhorn. The LNB is power by fixed 18Vdc and the servo motor requires a controller to rotate the probe and switch the polarity selection between horizontal and vertical and fine-tune the skew angle.
  8. will that lnb work with a geosat pro 3500 that what i have fore now.. and i will be use a ASC1 for the dish.. also ill be looking for a new fta box dont no what the best one to by..
  9. Sorry, I don't understand. This feedhorn requires a polarity controller like the ASC1. If you purchased the ASC1, then the feedhorn should work if the LNB and the servo motor are still functioning. The HDVR3500 will be fine. No need to buy another STB at this time.

    You need a LNBF like the Titanium Satellite C1-PLL or C1W-PLL if you don't use a controller with servo motor function (like the ASC1).
  10. ok i did ordered a Titanium C1‑PLL if the claifornia anplifier mini mag foghorn lnb don't work.
  11. The California Amp mini max is a good performer . If it is new enough with a good noise figure it would be worth trying. I have used them in the past with good results.
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