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Aug 18, 2004
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I have read where INSP has gone digital on G15(G1) TP 150 or 600.

When I go to G1-600 it tells me searching for channel, but nothing happens. On G1-150 it tells me this channel not available. This is an older 922 that was given to me after mine went south. I assume that it has been updated because I have X4 and I get the DMX channels on TP 900 to 940. What do I have to do to get INSP?

I am assuming that I can not get it on the Traxis 3500, the Quali TV or the AZ Box Premium Plus.


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Oct 7, 2012
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Diamond Jim,

if you have the old map it was on G1 600 but sometimes on mine i have to let it set there for a minute or so and it will pop in. I remapped mine with the mapmaster program and the channel for INSPN ch. 950 but it has to set a minute to come in. I dont think the 920 will pick it up.


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Aug 23, 2010
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Jim,I'm getting it ok @G1-600 with a 922 and 12'Paraclipse.But it's not as strong as the hbo's.Quality on 600=70,Q on 101(hbo)=74,Q on 171(starz)=99.Plus the lnb has to tune over +3 off frequency (why it takes awhile to lock) to get it,the others are about +1.5.You might have to do a little tweaking on your 8' to get it,but it is there.
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