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Jun 1, 2004
I'm having a problem with the Direct Tv installation. My Home Owners Association has a rule that we cannot drill a hole through our walls to
get the wiring from the satellite receiver to the TV inside. They say that
we can only drill a hole through the metallic frame of our glass sliding door.
I'm not sure if that is possible. Is there any other option.
Flat coax cable! You can sneek it through/under windows or doors your installer SHOULD carry it, pay no more than $5 for the 6-8" lengths they carry, so if its a dual install they will use two.

This link is for your info only....
PSB , Thanks for ur info. but i'm not sure if i can get the flat coax through
the sliding door, because the door shuts off completely and there is no place to sneak through the flat coax..
Drill a hole through the frame of the sliding door. It is basically a "U" frame box made of 1/16" thick aluminum. A drill bit called a "Unibit" is the best drill for this purchase. It cost in the low $20's. It is a step drill and drills the cleanest and fully round holes in aluminum. Drill on the side fartest away from the sliding part of the door. Never drill into the frame at least about 1 inch around the frame next to the glass.

If the coax has "F" connectors on it, you need a 1/2" hole. If you plan to put the connecors on it later, the hole should be 3/8."

You can get nylon plugs to close these holes, should you need to remove the cable and close the hole.

Use a flat blade scredriver to scrape off the sharp edges of the hole before running the cable.

Use "Gardner Bender" duct seal around the cable. $2 for a 1 pound block at Home Depot. This stugg seals out water and is better than silicone. It peels off easily when no longer needed.

Everything should be fine.
air conditioner

sometimes you can squirrel them through the air conditioner..if it has that little notch in the corner.
Flat coax tends to wear out with abuse pretty quickly and is beyond flaky and quick to give out with Dish Pro.

Drilling a simple hole through the frame below the track is relatively easy but many installers don't know metal from naugahyde because they work solely with wood frame pretty much. A relatively cheap High Speed Steel bit of the appropriate size will make the hole you need.
You might want to invite your association to review the FCC rules that prohibit the little Hitler's that run Homeowner Associations from enforcing rules concerning televison antennas. Some associations have rules that prohibit selling to persons other than white, and that is unenforceable too.

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