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May 11, 2004
Hi everyone. :) I'm a longtime Directv subscriber and I've always done my own installations. I recently moved into a new house and decided to mount my dish on a 5/8" fence post that I cemented into the ground about 20' from the house. With this type of installation is it necessary to run an 8 guage grounding wire from the 5/8" fence post to my grounding block? Or does the coax cable to the grounding block take care of this? The grounding block is grounded to the electrical panel ground with 8 guage wire. Thanks!
Grounding the Dish Assembly

Yes it's required by the NEC. The coax only grounds the LNBF not the Dish assembly. Granted the post provides some grounding but the entire assembly needs to be bonded to the house service entrance ground.
you should put a ground rod in the ground at the dish and hook it to the pole, and if required by code, run a ground wire to the grounding block in the house.
Since it is 20 feet or less, a #6 wire bonded to the house ground would be fine. No grounding rod is needed, unless the distance is more than 20 feet.

This is in accordance to Article 820 of the 2002 NEC

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