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Jul 29, 2005
Plain City, OH
For the last several days I have been unable to access SatelliteGuys using the IOS app on my IPhone and IPad. I just assumed that the site had problems. I was starting to get depressed thinking that Scott may have pulled the plug. Today I used my Windows 7 computer to access the site via windows explorer. I read Scott’s announcement that a new app is needed. I downloaded the new app. I wonder how many others are thinking the site is down.
One thing I did notice is that the ads are much more obtrusive. I quickly renewed my pub membership to get rid of the ads. I have noticed that the new app crashes occasionally when first opening. Also, the old app had the ability to view by forum or timeline. I don’t see the ability to view by timeline where you get the new posts in all forums.

I restarted the app and now I have icons on the bottom of the page. If I select discussions, the timeline is available.

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