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While our site is not located in Europe,we do have a number of European members so our attorney recommended we update our software and enable GDPR support.

The software has been updated to support GDPR and now I must finish enabling GDPR support, when done you will probably have to accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to make us compliant.

As always when these system updates happen sometimes other things break, so if you see anything strange please let me know.

As always THANK YOU for your support and for being part of the SatelliteGuys Family.
Is it now necessary to enable cookies to use the site?
Wow that was fast, Tapatalk just sent me a fix, installing now. (You may get errors in Tapatalk as I update it.) :)
Given that the deadline for compliance was May 25th, it shouldn't be surprising that they had a ready solution. Then again, this is the first site that I've visited since the GDPR compliance campaign began that made me read and acknowledge the T&Cs.
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it has always been necessary to enable cookies, as that's how your login information is stored. :)

If I come to the site now I see a message about cookies and it wants me to affirm it before proceeding. I can bypass it but it seems if there was some change in policy. Perhaps not.
I signed the acknowledgement. Good to know if I ever move to Europe and sign into this site I'm all set. :biggrin
OK> I know this isa dumb question and that I am the ony one that does not get it but if the policy is unchanged and I do not have to do anything differnet what is the point of the popup?
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