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Feb 1, 2008
Hello i am a E* subscriber but after seeing a list of some of the channels out there available on FTA i would be interested in some details of FTA.

Here are my questions....

1) What equipment do i need and where do i get it? I kinda get from reading that i would need a FTA reciever and i am pointed at 61.5 and 110 and 119 on E*. So really as much info there as possible as far as what reciever, what switches, what dishes i would need to make it work.

2) Is CSS available on FTA because thats really the one channel i am interested in. There are some other nice ones available but its a channel i am really missing on E* right now.

3) Difficulty to hookup? Is it hard or is it not really that big of a deal.

4) Cost- Basically what all the equipment together to get would cost. .

Thanks guys...I know dealing with a newb on anything is really frustrating but i am really interested and all the help i can get would be greatly appreciated.
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May 6, 2005
Metro New Orleans, LA
You'll need a 30 inch or larger dish, the dishes for DirecTV and Dish Network are more or less useless for linear Ku (too small and they have the wrong LNBF). Speaking of LNBF, you will also need a linear FSS Ku LNBF (either standard or universal, I prefer standard since you have more switching options using a standard).

There are channels in the clear on most satellites across the arc, so you may want a motor for your dish in order to move the dish across the sky. Motorized installations are more difficult, so you may want to start out with a fixed dish just to get the hang of aiming at Ku satellites.

These signals are harder to hit than DirecTV or Dish signals, they require more precise aiming.
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Please reply by conversation.

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