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Jul 25, 2021
Charleston West Virginia
Can anyone tell me where to purchase a 48 inch Geosat KU band dish on the east coast?
I’m looking to upgrade my Geosat 36 inch dish on a motor to a 48 inch. Shipping from the mid west is brutal.
A GSP 48" dish is a quality product, but it's a luxury for Ku. Practically speaking, their 39" dish is adequate, will likely receive anything available to you and is easier for a USALS motor to handle.

Having said that, luxury is fun. You can:
  1. Find another person near you who wants a 48" dish. Order two and ship together. Shipping will be the same for two dishes but you will divide cost between the two of you.
  2. Find a 48" dish located where you can drive and pick it up yourself. I did this.
  3. Just pay the shipped total of $534 for the dish. The dish will last you forever and you'll forget the cost after a year.
ADDED: You could drive to the Satellite Shop in Akron, OH to physically pick it up.

Or, how about Digiwave in Ontario, Canada? They claim they will sell you an in-stock Digiwave 1.2-meter dish for US$251 and ship to WVA for FREE. Maybe they have local warehouses in the U.S.? I was able to put the dish in the Cart and could have completed the transaction online. Caveat emptor.
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