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Sep 26, 2017
Landis, North Carolina
Hello there, people of SatelliteGuys!

Before you start, I would like to say:

Allow me to introduce myself -- I am the EchostarFan! As you know, my Dish preferences are both the Legacy and the DishPro systems, and I used to have some Dish user guides, which they had the Remote Control Help screencaps, before Dish Network FYI took over!

First off --- I had Dish Network for a long time, and I have had old remotes, and had the 2800, 301, 322, and ultimately my favorite DVR -- the 625! Unfortunately, about 2 years ago, we resorted to switching to DirecTV, and cancelled Dish because of you know, HIGH BILLS! I really hate when bills go up, and it is a disturbance.
2 years later, we now have Netflix and Hulu.

Overall, I still love Dish Network, and everywhere I go, there is still at least a few houses that still has big C-band dishes, way before Dish and DirecTV! And best of all, I am the biggest fan of Dish/Echostar, and my favorite DVR receivers are the 501/508/510, the 721 and of course the 625! I really wished E* could reintroduce the 501 as an alternative to the Hopper, maybe resurrect it, make extensive improvements to the design, and call it the DISH DVR 511K!!

Complimentary comments are welcome -- Best regards, EchostarFan of Landis!

Have a good evening!


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Jan 4, 2007
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EchostarFan you need to try Dish again, this time with an HD DVR. My favorite receiver was the 625 too, until I bought a 722. Wow. Everything was better except for the 1 hr buffer. It even came with an OTA ATSC tuner which works great.
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