ION (West) on Channel 217 gone


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Dec 6, 2013
From InfoOnDISH:

ION, on Channel 217 is no longer carried on DISH’s channel lineup. However, ION content is still available. Please tune to Channel 216 to continue enjoying your favorite ION programming. In addition, there may be a local ION channel available in your area. [URL='']Click here[/url] to learn more.

DISH must be making room. Then again, what's the point in having a west feed of a network airing mostly second-run programming?


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Jul 15, 2011
Well, for ION as least, the point was that the west feed in the mornings is different than the east feed. So there was kind of a point.


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Apr 9, 2006
Worse is that Dish is still NOT providing KPAX 30, Los Angeles, the local ION as a true LIL because the SAT channel 30 is like Logo and Centric, video with black bands on ALL sides: a SAT feed of ION West SD in PHONEY HD. Meanwhile local channel 30 is in full aspect, proper REAL HD. Fine, Dish, take away the ION West feed, but start providing KPAX as a TRUE LIL, like every other LA DMA local airing in HD. I may have to contact the FCC on this, or KPAX and they can complain. There are some hours when local programming differs from the national feeds.

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