Iowa State has student funded sexual fetish club

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John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
North Canton, Ohio.

Iowa State University student leaders voted 21-9 Wednesday to grant funds to a student organization that teaches about bondage and other sexual fetishes.

The Government of the Student Body gave $94 to the group, called Cuffs. Leaders of Cuffs said they requested the money to promote the group and try to increase attendance at its meetings.

Duane Long Jr., an ISU senior and Cuffs' president, said receiving the money was a big step. "Receiving the money is a triumph for diversity," he said.

Leigh Streit, 20, a junior from Gowrie, said he didn't know whether Cuffs should have been given money. "I don't really know how you discriminate, where you draw the line," he said.

Is it any wonder?
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