Time Warner Subscribers Snap Up Its DVRs (1 Viewer)

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Sep 8, 2003
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Time Warner Cable has quietly begun offering digital video recorders to its 1.2 million subscribers in New York City - and the lines have been long to pick up the first boxes.

The boxes allow TV viewers to instantly pause, rewind and fast-forward any current programs while watching them and to record up to 40 hours of current and upcoming shows on a computer hard drive. The technology has been made popular through similar services such as TiVo.

The Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000 boxes cost subscribers $8.95 per month, with no up-front charge, compared with $4.95 per month for digital set-top boxes without the DVR functions.

This statement creates quite a laugh

Cablevision executives have said DVRs might reduce the appeal of the company's video-on-demand, which allows viewers to order specific movies and other programs, usually for an extra charge, and then pause, rewind and fast-forward them.
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