IRDs as OTA digital receivers (1 Viewer)

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Jun 11, 2009
Orange County
Hi All,

I have a Coolsat 4K Pro and a Viewsat Extreme. I have looked to see if I can use them as OTA digital receivers but I have been unable to find if I can. Anybody have a listing of FTA receivers that can be use for digital OTA? Thanks.
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Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
none of the SD only units have a OTA tuner in them that I know of

A few of the HD ones do

Coolsat 8000/8100
Pansat 9200/9000
Sonicview 8000

neither the Sathawk or azbox do


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Apr 4, 2007
Nuclear Testing Grounds
Any receiver that has a ASTC terrestrial tuner. The pansat 9200HD and their new TC-1000 model are OTA tuners but the TC-1000 has to be upgraded with the S2 Plus tuner module to be a sat receiver. This is a start, sorry I don't have a list.
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Oct 15, 2008
Western Maine
The Diamond 9000HD has an ATSC tuner, it works very well.
I agree... pretty much. The "very well" part has to be tempered slightly depending up on whether your 9000 has been hacked. Ie if it has that 131p pirate firmware, then there is a tendency for video to have little stutters every now and then. THe stutters are MUCH more noticeable when you are viewing high bitrate HD feeds, but they are even observable on low bitrate SD feeds, just fewer and further between. The problem is, that most Diamond 9000s you can buy now have had this firmware put on them, and it can't be sucessfully removed.
Having said that, the Diamond 9000 is the receiver that I use the most. I use it for almost ALL of my OTA viewing, and it is the receiver I use for most of my surfing on KU sats, as it controls my SG2100 motor/90 CM Fortec and also my Primestar dish feeds it. It is very convenient for recording OTA too, but it won't record high bitrate HD.
Great receiver. It's just too bad that the pirates messed up the firmware on the one I bought (even though the seller said that it had factory firmware on it).
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