Is anyone getting the free locals on a 921 or 622?


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Jan 27, 2004
I'm getting them in the 2-69 range on my 301 and in the 7000 range on my 6000, but nothing on my 921. Been thinking about upgrading to a 622, so I'm wondering about that receiver as well.
This is a message many of the free local preview customers will be getting:

Please listen to this important account update from DISH Network, your satellite TV provider.

This is to inform you of current and upcoming changes that affect the ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX network channel services in your home.

DISH Network currently offers the ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox network channels in YOUR area. Starting now and continuing through the end of 2006, you will be receiving these local channels FREE of CHARGE from DISH Network. Tune to channels 2 through 69 today.

Please enjoy nearly 3 free months of your local network channels. Beginning January 1st, the regular $5 or $5.99/monthly subscription charge will be included on your bill. If you don't want your local channels, simply call us at 1-800-333-DISH and we will remove them from your account.

Unfortunately, our customer service representatives do not have any additional information on these new rules. However, you can tune to channel 240 to learn more.

Thank you for being a loyal DISH Network customer.
I'm can't figure out how to get these free preview sat locals.

I just had my 622 installed with an OTA antenna. Now that I realize I won't be able to see the program info or use the DVR functions on the locals I am thinking about switching to sat locals for a fee. If there is a free preview going on how do I get it? Even if I disconnect my antenna I still don't see the sat locals in the program guide.
I'm not sure who is eligible for free locals preview and who isn't. Someone in another thread suggested that only those with DNS channels were targeted, but I don't have any DNS channels since Dish dropped my CBS-HD channel two months ago. I checked channel 240 anyway which indicated that I should be getting them, so went ahead and looked for them. Someone else suggested that on the 921 locals had to be enabled in the set-up menu. Won't have a chance to check that out for a couple of hours, but maybe something similar is necessary on the 622.
Discovered that you need to uncheck the enable antenna locals in the preferences section of the menu on the 921. The preview locals are now showing up re-mapped.

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