Is DISH Retiring the 722?


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Nov 8, 2008
A 722 user on another forum said they got a letter from DISH saying they want to "replace one or more of your receivers, adjust your satellite dish, or do both. As we continue to upgrade technology, it is required at times that we make adjustments to your equipment to ensure a better TV experience for you."
What 'other' receivers does that 722 user have. Perhaps it on the QPSK list and they no longer have a signal on those other receivers. This has been ongoing for many months...
It's probably just a letter to get the customer to upgrade. There are no talks of getting rid of the 722 yet as far as I know.
I wish that they will release a 722 two tuner sat receiver replacement, with Hopper like interface, like they did the 211z, what is called the Wally? Then you would at least have all your receivers using the same interface. Call it the DINGO , just to keep the Kangaroo naming going. The 622/722/722k receivers need to be upgraded and I'm sure there are still people who only want a two tuner sat receiver and not the whole house hopper.
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DINGO gets a bad name because of that old Meryl Streep movie based on a real event, about the Australian man , woman and their baby who went camping in the outback and sometime during the night a Dingo dog came attacked her baby , killed it and dragged it off and all they found was the baby blanket. Thus the famous line(in an Australian woman's accent); A DINGO ate my baby!!:hungry2
Do not take away my list views!

Nope, more than double the fees for two TVs, and NO LIST VIEW. :)
Doesn't matter, DIRECTV charges $22 for a one room HD DVR with only 2 Tuners.
Dish Hopper 2 with Three tuners at only $15 is well under the competition.

So whether you say "Nope" or not doesn't change the fact that the dual Tuner receiver days are over.

I liked the 722, But sorry there is no way I would ever choose the 722 over a Hopper.

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