Is it Worth Keeping my TRX - 100

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Aug 12, 2008
Hello. I have had mt Toshiba trx 100 and 8 ft solid spun dish since 1987. The dish needs to be re alinged but im not sure its even worth keeping. How many channels and what types of live feeds is still up on C Band? Is most the action on KU Band, ditigital or someplace else? What equiptment do i need to add to my system so to get the most out of my c band set up? PLEASE and THANK YOU!

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Jul 13, 2006
Travelers Rest, SC
Best place to look is "The List" here on the forums. That's for the constant, always guaranteed programming. Then you have the wild feeds that pop up all the time. You can also check out Since you have a C-band dish, you can probably put a Ku LNB on there as well and pick up both C and Ku, just depends on what the dish is made of. Since your dish is older, the LNB in it may not work that might to consider a new C/KU LNBF (C AND KU-BAND SATELLITE LNBF - SatelliteAV, LLC.). You get both C and Ku in one LNBF for abou $50 with shipping...can't beat that. What equipment? Well, a DVB receiver for starts would be a very inexpensive starting point, given that the receiver you have and the motor you have still works and your receiver can still move the dish. If you'd like to get some paid programming, a Motorola 4DTV receiver such as the DSR-922 or DSR-920 would be worthwhile, although would cost you some money. Then, if you really get into wild feeds, a DVB card to go into your computer (either PCI or USB) would help you bring in even more content. I say, if you've got the equipment already, use it. For just a small amount of money to bring that dish back to life, you can at least see if it'll be worth your while.
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