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Nov 26, 2015
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the name of the dish is samI and it in good shpe and i hope it can get a lot of c band satelites on it and it olny 7 1/2 ft i just cant find a 10 ft i wan't to no if i can still use this lnb or do i need a new one and if i do what would the best one . i just need to clean the dish and pant it


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May 23, 2013
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Agree with the advice provided on the other forum. I have some 20+ year old LNBs that work just fine. You might consider an upgrade if the the noise figure is over 25 or 30 because newer LNBs are quieter and could provide better reception on weaker transponders or if the frequency has drifted. With that feedhorn, you will need a polarity controller to change the servo motor polarity between horizontal and vertical. Example controller: ASC1 will position the dish and control the servo polarity.
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